Action Tracking System

With many activities such as risk assessments, incident reports, audits, etc. actions to eliminate identified risks and hazards are generated.

Usually this means a lot of administrative burden too list all measures too document their processing track.

In laPSS all actions are listed in a common action list. It doesn't matter in which module the actions has been created.

When an action is added, the responsible person will be informed automatically via email.

laPSS can be configured in that way, so that reminder lists or status lists are shipped by email regularly according to your needs.

For each action a responsible person, the due date as well as the priority and status has to be defined. The status can be "proposal", "in process", "finished" or "cancelled".

Too close all actions in time it is very useful to have always an overview of the upcoming actions in the coming weeks.

By using the Scheduler it can be defined when responsible persons per email should be informed about upcoming actions.

For example it can be set that each 25th of the month a list of actions to finish till end of next month should be sent to responsible persons. A common list can also be sent too a defined group of people. Action Action
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