Risk Assessment

Pic Risk By use of risk assessments existing occupational dangerous and health issues of work places and working tasks will be determined and evaluated.

Due to the results of these risk assessments measures for improvement and avoidance of occupational dangers will be defined. With the implementation of the measures a quality increase of the work places will be reached normally.

The results of the risk assessment should be recorded in writing A regular review and update is required (e.g. after accidents, near misses, work place changes, implementation of new means of production, etc.)


In laPSS there are three possibilities available to the determination of the risk level.
It can be chosen between a risk matrix and a risk tree.
Alternatively a custom formula can be created to calculate the risk level according to individual defined parameters. Pic Risk

The risk evaluation is also used in the incident reporting module.

Through this linkage, a risk matrix of all incidents and/or risk assessments can be prepared for each area.

Action needed will be managed in the common action tracking system of laPSS
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