Controlled Equipment

Equipment Check Also the administration of the upcoming regular checks of required controlled equipment will be supported by laPSS optimally.

When creating the controlled equipment, the required frequency of checks as well as the controller must be given.

There is a distinction between internal and external checks.

The category of equipment and category of checks can be freely defined.

laPSS generate automatically (per month) appropriate check-lists for each controller which can be sent also automatically by email if so desired.

It is also possible to send a complete list of all upcoming checks per period (month) for example too the maintenance manager.

Creating and sending the list of equipment to check is undertaken by the scheduler. Equipment List
The configuration of the scheduler is done with a few mouse clicks.

For any established fault an action can be generated at the input of the results. The action will be stored in the common action list of the action tracking system.

The person responsible for the action will be, of course, immediately informed by email.
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