Management of Trainings

Training Training is an essential component of each safety and health organization.

As important as the training itself is also their recording.
With laPSS it is always possible to retrieve all required information at the touch of a button.

Sometimes it is necessary to prove the trainings done for an specific employee and for a specific period.

It happens also again and again that the total training time per training, per employee, per section, etc. is needed.

In the training module of laPSS not only the training plan for each employee, but also all undertaken trainings, including training materials and certificate of attendance will be collected and analysed.

All required information for each employee, department and training is always available at the touch of a button Training-Input

In the training matrix are all planned and actually carried out training courses obvious (target-performance comparison) wherewith any time a list of all required or/and planned training is available.

Die Training-Matrix wird als Excel-Tabelle exportiert. Daher kann die gesamte Funktionsvielfalt von Excel zur Darstellung und Filterung angewendet werden. The training matrix can be exported as Excel sheet. Therefore the full functionality of Excel can be used for displaying and filtering of data.
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