Safety Audits

Safety audits are an important "tool" to ensure or verify that all the company's defined standards and regulations accordingly implemented and the employees are respected and observed.

In contrast to the "external" audits (OHSAS, ISO, HACCP, etc.), often carried out by external consultants/auditors where processes, organization and work flow is in the focus, Safety Audits are exclusively internal audits to improve the "safe" behavior of the employees.

The audit module provides a variety of audit types.

Pic Audit Typ


In the default audit observations (behaviour) will be documented. Statistical parameters for analysis can be freely defined.


For this type checklists for implementation of main topic audits can be created. Main topics could for example be, fire protection, housekeeping, chemicals, etc.. The checklist items are freely definable and for each question, the maximum number of possible points can be set. Thus makes a quantitative evaluation of the audits possible. Main topic audits are a very good tool to improve the quality of audits and to support the auditors on difficult substantive issues.


Questionnaire audits are another feature of laPSS. This type allows the creation of structured question catalogues (question pools). These question pools are used by laPSS to generate randomly question lists for the on-site audits. The number of questions generated can be specifically defined for each audit type. Questionnaire audits are ideal to expand and check the knowledge of audited persons and auditors itself.


Even the checklist audit type is based on pre-defined questions catalogues (question pools). The main difference is located in the questions and possible answers. In the questionnaire audit open questions will be asked and the answer will be evaluated quantitatively. In the checklist audit only yes/no questions are possible. The checklist audits are useful to check/determine standards (e.g. hygiene, etc.)

Best Safety Behaviour Audit (BSB)

BSB is a method to improve behaviour through observation and (positive) feedback on operator level. The audits are performed by the employees themselves and help to identify critical behaviour and hazards of working tasks. The audits are carried out in five to ten minutes by using of a simple questionnaire. Just the number of safe/unsafe (positive/negative) observations will be documented. The collected data can be used for analysis and identification of critical areas.
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