BSB - Best Safety Behaviour Audit

BSB Input

What is BSB

Best Safety Behavior is a method to influence safe and at-risk behavior through observation and (positive) feedback.
The audits are performed by the employees themselves and help to identify critical behaviour and hazards of working tasks.
The audits are carried out in five to ten minutes by using of a simple questionnaire. Just the number of safe/unsafe (positive/negative) observations will be documented.
The collected data can be used for analysis and identification of critical areas.

Principles of BSB

  • At-risk behavior is a major contributor in most accidents
  • Consequences influence behavior
  • Behavior is observable and measurable
  • What gets measured, gets done
  • Feedback is essential for improvement
  • A process to enable Safe behavior and increase in safe behavior
  • Synergy comes from people working together
BSB Evaluation

Targets of BSB

  • BSB-Audits are operator based to identify precursors to losses and accidents.
  • BSB-Audits helps to modify culture to integrate safety into ALL phases of doing work
  • BSB-Audits demonstrates employee, supervisor and management commitment to safety

Benefit of BSB-Audits

With the BSB audits obtained an anonymous feedback from employees. These data can in laPSS very simple compared with results of "normal" audits.

By using these data critical areas/issues can be easily identified. The critical areas/issues could be used subsequently e.g. as main topics for future audits.
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