Edit Audits

Audit List
In edit mode, new safety audits can be added or existing audits can be edited, so far as the appropriate user rights have been defined.

A variety of different audit types are available in laPSS.
In edit mode, a list of planned or already carried out audits is displayed. The leading icons show at a glance whether the audit is planned or already completed, or whether any measures are open for editing.
As soon as actions will be added for audit items, the responsible person will be informed by email automatically.

For each type of audit is an appropriate entry form available.

If an unplanned audit will be added, then the audit type and audit section can be selected.
In a planned audit, these requirements are predefined and can not be changed when audit data will be entered.

Audit Input The people involved in the audit (co-auditor) can always be set for scheduled and unscheduled audits.

Necessary actions will be applied directly to the input of audit data and stored in the central list of actions.
This is possible in all types of audits.
The action manager is automatically notified via email regarding the new action.

The audit can be distributed as Pdf-File via email.

In addition, the "Scheduler" can be configured, that audits which yesterday has been conducted will be distributed too a predefined list of people as pdf-file.
This function is very helpful e.g. for safety engineers too be always up to date and without the flood of emails with audit logs.
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