Audit Planning

Audit Defaults Here, above all, a very uniform distribution of the audits per section and year is very relevance.

Organisational blindness and routine of auditors are key factors influencing the quality of audits.
This can be optimized by a good division of audits to the audit sections and through individual composition of audit teams for each audit.

laPSS supports optimally the planning of to be performed audits. The audits can be planned freely or according to fixed defaults.

Planning of default audits

If audits default has been fixed, the audits are listed for each auditor after log on of lapss
The auditor then needs only to add the desired date for the audit.

In planning the respective auditor may at any time to view the already planned audits of an section, and if appropriate, he can add himself to an audit or audit group.
This ensures that always different auditors are in the audit team to perform the audit.
If an auditor is adding himself to an already existing audit as a co-auditor, the auditor will be informed about automatically by laPSS via email.
The maximum number of auditors per audit can be preset.

With the planning tool of laPSS it is easy to keep the overview about all already planned audits.
Thus, a double scheduling of audits for a section can be excluded as good as.

The planning of audits can take place also central for each auditor or it can be done automatically.

In automatic mode, the planning is carried out automatically by laPSS. Here, the boundary parameters for planning can be defined.

If requested reminder emails can be sent automatically on schedule to the respective auditors.
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